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Water sports

The Red Sea is one of the best places to scuba dive in the world. It is also an ideal location to gain your PADI diving qualifications. There is no better place to learn

The Red Sea coast offers some wonderful diving spots. There is an abundance of marine life including the beatiful coral, amazing turtles, graceful dolphins, schools of lionfish, puffer fish napoleon and barracudas. For the casual diver, there are plenty of opportunities for sheltered and shallow dives. Visibility is generally more than 40 metres and the brightest colours are still visible at a depth of up to 15 metres.



Lighthouse Diving Center

Lighthouse Diving center works on Sinai already 5 years. After Dahab and Sharm el Sheik has opened another branch in Hurghada! During last 5 years we have provided professional service to thousands of our satisfied clients. Although in Egypt we are offering europian service with high interest in safety, all under friendly atmosphere and for fair prices for our customers as well as for bussiness partners.
In Hurghada we can offer diving trips for beginers as well as for experienced divers. We do recreational scuba diving as well as technical diving, PADI, IANTD or SDI-TDI diving courses for beginers or for advanced divers, daily diving trips or special diving trips to famous reefs and wrecks in Red Sea.

All our courses and other programs provided by Lighthouse Diving Center are under suppervision of our proffessional staff. Our Instructors are well educated and experienced not only in diving in the Red Sea. They have CPR and First Aid training also. Our equipment is brand new and well maintained so you can relly on it when diving. Our boats are chosen regarding to quality of the boat itself, quality of the captain and crew too. So everybody can enjoy the day. We care about safety!

Daily diving trips for divers

Duration: from 1 day, packages from 3 days
For certified divers

Come with us to enjoy amazing underwater world of the Red Sea! Around Hurghada you can find more than 50 divesites. Easy ones for beginers, shalow waters with colorfull coral reefs, or deep walls and drop offs with chance to see something bigger. We have some wrecks as well and for those interested in wreck diving we do also special Wreck diving trips such a trips to Thistlegorm, Salem Express or Abu Nuhas. And if you wanna go tec, no problem. We do also technical diving.
Diving in Hurghada offers something for everyone. Beautifull coral reefs, colorfull fishies, rays, turtles, dolphins, all surrounded by warm and clear water with visibility mostly more than 20 meters! We have professional staff, new well maintained equipment, spacious boat with all necessary safety equipment. No metter if you are beginer, experienced tec instructor or anything in between. We will do our best to satisfy your diving needs!

Daily diving includes:

1) transportation from the hotel to our Diving center and back
2) dives under supervision of our proffessional dive guides
3) free water, tea and cofee

Snorkeling trip

Duration: 1 day
For everybody

For those not interested in diving we have snorkeling trips. Our trips can be divided in three kinds.
1) If you are not interested in diving or not fit for diving, you can still go out with your diving friends. You can enjoy your day together on the boat and if you want you can go snorkeling above them. Almost all of the divesites are coral reefs which snorkelers can enjoy as well as divers.
2) Snorkeling on Giftun Island is also great fun. With our spacious boat you can go to Giftun Island where you can spend your day. Snorkeling around, sunbathing on beautifull sandy beach, playing beach voleyball... On the way from Giftun we’ll stop for a while at another snorkeling spots.
3) Snorkeling with dolphins is very popular. In Hurghada we do not have any dolphinarium but we have free dolphins. They are free animals, born free, act free. It is not a ZOO, so we can not guarantee that we will meet dolphins everytime we go to meet them. But anyway, we have our places and the chance to see them is high. And if you listen to our guides you may even have a chance to swim with them! Come with us to meet these gorgeous water mammals!

Snorkeling trip includes:

1) transportation from the hotel to our Diving center and back
2) snorkeling eguipment
3) day on the boat, or on Giftun Island
4) on the boat free water, tea and cofee


Fishing trip

Duration: half day or full day
For everybody

For fishermans and their friends we do fishing trips. These trips are individualy tailored. We can go early morning or later afternoon, we can go full day combined with snorkeling trip or sunset watching or we can go just half day just for fishing. Ask for details in our diving center.

Fishing trip includes:

1) transportation from the hotel to our Diving center or another used marina and back to your hotel
2) fishing eguipment
3) lunch and drinks on the boat
Discover Scuba Diving
Duration: 1 day
Requirements: good health, fit, min. age of participant is 10 years (children under 18 years need agreement of parents or guardian)
Maximum depth: 12 metres
Certification: possible, Discover Scuba Diver

People who have never experienced diving can try it out with Discover Scuba Diving program. Everybody, kids and adults of all ages, can explore the fascinating underwater World of the Red Sea, hand in hand with one of our experienced diving Instructors.
A small introduction to the diving theory, a few exercises in a confined water environment and then you can dive. This experience can be credited towards your beginner’s course if you decide to go on.
Discover Scuba Diving students are always accompanied by a certified Instructor who will remains close by at all times. Try diving under the safety conscious eyes of our PADI or IANTD certified dive Instructors. Our guides are experienced, patient and have the qualities you need to ensure that your first diving experience will be safe, relaxed and fun in the same time.
Discover Scuba Divers may earn a worldwide recognized certification which they can use when they go for Open Water Diver course or when they want to dive again anywhere else all around the world.

Discover Scuba Diving Program includes:

1) transportation from the hotel to our Diving center and back
2) dive training and 2 dives under direct supervision of our certified PADI Instructor (1st dive is more introductional, new divers are getting used to work with equipment, breath under the water, swim with scuba, 2nd dive is more enjoyable, watching fishies, colorfull corals, ...)
3) all necessary equipment
4) lunch and one soft drink

We do it deferent but we do it right!
We do PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, not intro dives.
What is the difference? Safety and Quality.
After years of experience we can say that people enjoy this program more than just intro. They can swim – they are not pulled like a puppy, they can watch marine life – not just been drawn around and they are not washed like a laundry.
They are all the time under direct supervision of our certified and experienced Instructors! Not with somebody without appropriate certification who just can dive! There is big difference between diving and teaching diving. And if we are talking about diving with beginers, we are talking about teaching them diving.

Scuba Diver Course

Duration: 2 days
From 10 years (children under 18 need agreenment of parents or guardian)
Maximum depth: 12 metres
Certification: yes, PADI Scuba Diver, Junior Scuba Diver (till 14 years)

SDC is the initial beginner's certification, which allows you to dive with a diving professional (Instructor or Divemaster) to a maximum depth of 12 metres. In only 2 days you learn the most important diving skills, more than half of the Open Water Diver theory. Complete your training with two exciting open water dives. Anytime later you can level your certification up to Open Water Diver by passing exam and finishing two more open water dives.

Open Water Diver Course

Duration: 4 days
From 10 years old (children under 18 years need agreenment of parents or guardian)
Maximum depth: 18 metres
Certification: yes, Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water Diver (till 14 years)

The most recognized beginner's lifetime certification worldwide that allows you to dive with a buddy independent of a professional to a recommended maximum depth of 18 meters.

Virtually anyone who is in good health, reasonably fit, and comfortable in the water can earn a PADI Open Water Diver certification. If you already tried a Discover Scuba Diving experience or are Scuba Diver certified, your credits will apply to this open water diver program.

During days 1 and 2 the participants are introduced to dive theory and confined water experiences where basic training skills for using SCUBA are mastered. On day 3 the students participate in open water dives to a maximum depth of 12 mtrs under the supervision of a PADI Instructor. Day 4 signals the completion of the course with 2 more open water dives, diving to a maximum of 18 mtrs and utilizing their newfound knowledge during the dives.
The Open Water Diver Course is a passport into the world of diving and aquatic adventures. Successful completion guarantees a life-long enjoyment of the wonders of the underwater world, promising exciting new adventures and experiences.
Courses including:

1) transportation from the hotel to our Diving center and back
2) dive training under direct supervision of our certified PADI Instructor
3) all necessary equipment
4) refreshment

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Duration: 2-3days
From 10 years old, children need agreenment of parents or guardian
Maximum depth: 30 metres
Certification: yes, PADI AOWD, Junior AOWD (till 15 years)

This course offers you a structured program where you gain additional experience and skills under the direct guidance of our proffesional Instructors.
During this course you will make 5 dives, 2 of them, The Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation Dive are mandatory. In the first of these, you will go deeper then you've ever been. In the second one, underwater navigation, you will learn about underwater orientation, so you'll never get lost again. And then you can choose three more dives as elective dives: drift, night, wreck diving, underwater photography, fish identification are just some of your options. You can choose out of 14 elective dives. We will gladly assist you in choosing the most beneficial dives for you.

What does this program offer you? New experiences, new skills, lots of diving and thrilling adventures! So take your diving to new limits!

AOWD Course includes:

1) transportation from the hotel to our Diving center and back
2) 5 dives under direct supervision of our certified PADI Instructor
3) diving equipment
4) free water, tea and cofee

Service summary:

At the moment we can offer all our service in several languages as English, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, German and Russian. Another languages on request.
Free water, tea and coffe are provided on all our boat trips and during any courses in diving center.
Lunch and soft drinks are per extra charge unless clearly noticed as inclusive in program description.
Free transfers are provided in Hurghada area only. El Gouna, Makadi and further destinations are per extra charge.
Please find our prices of our services in Price list attached. Prices and commissions for Travel Agencies and other sellers will be settled on personal meeting as well as other conditions of cooperation.


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